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Cleaning equipment for the army

In the military sector, where cleanliness and hygiene are essential, cleaning and disinfection play a crucial role. In addition to ensuring healthy working conditions for military personnel, a clean and hygienic environment is essential for maintaining operational efficiency and disease prevention. As a reseller of cleaning equipment for the military, we understand the importance of these aspects and are here to provide you with the best tools and products to meet your specific needs.

Solutions for CBRN threats

Industrial Cleaning in the Military Sector

The Government's response plan for nuclear, radiological, biological or chemical (NRBC) threats and acts of terrorism is the result of interministerial work mainly involving the Ministries of Defence, the Interior and Health.

As soon as the nature of the act is confirmed, the plan is activated with :

  • its biotox component for biological threat,
  • its Piratox component for the chemical threat,
  • its Piratome component for the nuclear and radiological threat.

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Products and machines

Cleaning equipment for the army

STEAMBIO 4000 : professional vacuum steam cleaner

The STEAMBIO 4000 professional vacuum steam cleaner is easy to use and highly effective. Supplied with...

APABIO Bio ecological disinfectant COVID19

Stable product for 3 years: the secret of the range lies in stabilization by...

Clean D+ : The Hyper industrial degreaser

"THE" professional ecological ultra degreaser par excellence, super-stripper and food-safe degreaser, with a...

3D BIO : Ecological foaming product

3D BIO is a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal foaming product with excellent degreasing properties on...

STEAMBIO 2000 : Professional dry steam generator

The STEAMBIO 2000 professional dry steam generator is simple, light, small and highly effective. Supplied...

STEAMBIO 3000 : Professional dry steam cleaner

This STEAMBIO 3000 professional steamer is simple, small and highly effective. Supplied with numerous accessories...

VAPBIO : Semi industrial steam cleaner

Need to clean INTENSELY without getting wet? The VAPBIO, with its 8-bar dry steam and...

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We invest heavily in innovation, research and development: IBL's technologies are patented worldwide and our automatic aerial disinfection devices have been awarded the standard NF T 72-281 from IRM, an accredited laboratory "COFRAC" //

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We design and manufacture steam cleaning and disinfection equipment, a range of 100% organic disinfection products and appliances. Professional and industrial steam cleaners, disinfection misters for professional and industrial use. We work exclusively with European suppliers. All our components have been selected, tested and validated by our engineers, to guarantee the highest manufacturing quality and 100% Made In France appliances.

Cleaning equipment for the army

The crucial importance of cleaning and disinfection in the military sector

In the military sector, cleaning and disinfection play an essential role in maintaining the health and well-being of personnel, preserving infrastructure and equipment, and preventing safety risks. By understanding these benefits and investing in quality cleaning products and equipment, you can ensure a healthy, sustainable and safe working environment for military personnel.

Maintaining staff health and well-being

Regular, effective cleaning in the military sector is essential to safeguarding the health and well-being of personnel. Military personnel are often exposed to harsh conditions and demanding environments, where the spread of germs can be facilitated. By maintaining proper hygiene, it is possible to reduce the risk of infectious diseases and keep personnel healthy and operational.

Appropriate army cleaning equipment can remove bacteria, viruses and other pathogens from frequently touched surfaces. Common areas, vehicles, equipment and weapons require special attention to prevent cross-contamination and minimize the risk of infection. A well-structured, regular cleaning and disinfection program can significantly reduce sick leave, improve workforce availability and maintain combat strength.

Preserving infrastructure and equipment

The military sector uses a variety of specialized infrastructure, vehicles and equipment that require proper maintenance and cleaning. Dirt, dust, debris and corrosive agents can affect the durability and performance of these essential assets.

Regular cleaning, adapted to different surfaces and materials, can prevent the build-up of dirt and contaminants, thus extending the life of infrastructure and equipment. By removing dust particles, chemical residues and corrosion deposits, the functional properties and optimum performance of weapons, vehicles and electronic systems can be maintained.

Safety risk prevention

In the military sector, safety is of paramount importance. A poorly maintained and neglected environment can pose safety risks to personnel and compromise the mission. Regular cleaning and disinfection help reduce these risks by creating a safe, clean environment.

Debris and slippery surfaces can lead to accidents and avoidable injuries. Proper cleaning of floors, stairs and traffic areas can prevent potential slips and falls. In addition, regular maintenance of ventilation and air-conditioning systems can improve indoor air quality, reducing the health risks associated with air contamination.