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Ecological car cleaning.

The automobile occupies a very important place in our daily lives. One of the current problems faced by the players in this field is to ensure impeccable hygiene for passengers, which guarantees their image. Our range of equipment was originally designed to meet the requirements of the TGV (narrow corridors, unstable electrical network, major shocks, etc.). The automotive, aeronautics, public transport and nautical sectors raise similar issues.

An automobile has different and relatively complex surfaces to clean: windows, body, rims, engine, seats, carpets or dashboard. Steam cleaning is recommended for its effectiveness and versatility on indoor and outdoor surfaces.
The action of steam, heat and pressure has a detergent and biocidal action on surfaces, allowing the bodywork, windows or engine to be cleaned without damaging their surfaces. Steam is indispensable for cleaning the interior of the car. This system eliminates tasks, bad odours and leaving surfaces dry so that the vehicle can be used immediately after treatment..
The wide range of accessories allows the machine to be adapted to any surface and makes the operator's job easier: cleaning is quick and efficient. In addition, the use of dry saturated steam guarantees complete removal of ticks, fleas or lice from the tissues.


  • Steam cleaner specially designed for the automotive industry
  • 2 car accessory kits supplied
  • 5 meter steam/suction hose
  • Steam under pressure: 8 bar
  • Steam under very high temperature: 175°C
  • Steam cleaner and hoover 1200 watts

Examples of applications in automotive cleaning :

  • Cleaning of bodywork and rims
  • Engine cleaning and degreasing
  • Window cleaning: windshield, mirrors
  • Cleaning and sanitizing carpets and armchairs
  • Cleaning the dashboard and ventilation grilles

Other examples of use in transport :

  • Cleaning and disinfection of seats*, corridors, luggage racks, etc. on TGV trains.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of seats, corridors, luggage racks ... of Civil Aircraft
  • Cleaning and disinfection of seats, corridors, luggage racks ... of RER and metro trains and subways.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of seats, corridors, luggage racks, etc. on ships.

*High pressure dry steam is very useful for cleaning and disinfecting seats without wetting.

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