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We are looking for service providers throughout France, contact us for information.
Cleaning and disinfection, rat and insect control (or 3D) companies must offer their customers efficient, fast and environmentally friendly solutions to satisfy them.

Our range of equipment meets the requirements of communities, health establishments, nurseries, food processing plants, etc... thanks to the NF T 72-281 standard which enables the service provider to carry out disinfection in accordance with the standard in force.

Are you a service provider in the field of cleaning and disinfection?

Using the material ofIBL Specifik means choosing a service with high added value for customers, respecting the standard in force. The requests are important and allow to act quickly for a curative treatment. The equipment will be profitable quickly, since the machines are automatic and do not require the presence of a person.

Several rooms can thus be disinfected at the same time with only one operator! In addition, our products, made in France, are designed to withstand frequent use.

Are you a service provider in the field of cleaning and 3D? Contact us for information.

Are you looking for a provider?

Cleaning and disinfection in companies are delicate operations that must be carried out by professionals. If you wish to outsource these operations, the cleaning and disinfection service providers we have selected will be able to meet your expectations. They use the current range ofIBL Specifik, which will guarantee you very good results.

Our service providers can intervene in cleaning and/or disinfection. For these two operations, they follow our method, which has proven its effectiveness and speed, and meets the requirements of mandatory disinfection of companies.

To find the provider nearest you, contact us.

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