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Cleaning and disinfecting sanitary transport

It is important to disinfect and clean all sanitary transport and equipment once a week, or when taking over after transporting an infected patient.

It is advisable to clean and disinfect vehicles regularly (especially if patients have open wounds or are contaminated) and then of decontaminate and disinfect small equipment.

Essential operation

What is disinfection of a sanitary vehicle?

Disinfection is an essential operation that every ambulance driver must be able to perform on a daily basis.

This operation must be carried out following certain specific steps.

Disinfection is the voluntary and temporary removal of certain germs in order to stop or prevent the risk of infection by pathogenic or undesirable micro-organisms or viruses.

Disinfection involves eliminating these micro-organisms or inactivating pathogenic viruses from contaminated media by altering their structure or inhibiting their metabolism or some of their vital functions.

I need to disinfect in medical transport

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Minibio S1

The MINIBIO S1 airborne surface disinfection device is a new concept with many advantages:

  • A very simple user interface
  • Very fine droplets: DO NOT WET the treated surfaces
  • Active fog on all surfaces in contact with the air.
  • A very reliable and robust disinfection device
Medical transport

What equipment is suitable for this type of disinfection?

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Fast and easy

Description of sanitary transport disinfection

It should be carried out between each patient transport.

It consists of changing the bedding: cloth or paper sheets. This bedding will be removed and confined in a sealed bag to limit the spread of germs and/or micro-organisms.

The stretcher should be disinfected manually using a disinfectant detergent and a single-use wipe, taking care to use single-use gloves and to follow the instructions for using the product.

These instructions are specific to each manufacturer (application time, dilution, etc.).

Wiping should be done in the shape of the letter "S" to avoid contamination from one cleaned area to another.

Each element that may have come into contact with the patient should be rubbed with a wipe containing an approved disinfectant liquid (handle, barrier, walls of the ambulance, etc.).

This same procedure should be applied to any equipment used during the procedure: cervical collar, measuring device etc.

The used wipe and gloves should be disposed of in a closed bag to be disposed of as soon as the ambulance returns to its premises or to the care facility.

How long does a disinfection operation with MINIBIO S1 last?

  • Fogging time of 5 cubic metres with MINIBIO S1 = 5 MINUTES
  • Product contact time APABIO MD = 15 minutes
  • Ventilation time of the sanitary cell = 10 minutes


Airborne surface disinfection for sanitary transport is a technique that enables the cell volume to be saturated and disinfected very quickly.

This ensures that all surfaces that come into contact with the air are disinfected.

All mechanical and electronic components of the aerial surface disinfection device MINIBIO s1have been selected after many years of research, which allows us to ensure a much higher reliability than the disinfection devices on the market today.

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We invest heavily in innovation, research and development: IBL's technologies are patented worldwide and our automatic aerial disinfection devices have been awarded the standard NF T 72-281 from IRM, an accredited laboratory "COFRAC" //

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