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Disinfection in the nursery

Disinfection in the nursery

L’nursery hygiene and in particular the Disinfection in day care centers is brought to the forefront each year following the numerous cases of epidemics of gastroenteritis, flu, measles or other contagious diseases and this is even more true today with the COVID-19 and the approach of decontamination throughout France.

Infectious risks in day care centres are important due to the numerous contacts and exchanges of toys, feeding bottles, teats, etc. from child to child. Indeed, the latter are little or not disinfected, which leads to the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms if the child is in the incubation phase of an infection. The infectious risks can be due to incorrect cleaning of the bottle and/or teat or poor hygiene of the staff and the environment.

Respect for hygiene

However, the risk of infection in nurseries is not only limited to feeding bottles, the respect of hygiene rules is essential:

  • correct hygiene of the hands of the personnel, before and after food contact, diaper changes, bottle administration etc...
  • proper hygiene of children's hands, before and after meals, toilets, at the beginning of the day etc...
  • proper hygiene of premises, furniture, cupboards, toys and other objects
  • feeding bottles, a major source of contamination, must be made in a clean room provided for this purpose

Which disinfectant to use in daycare?

More than before, it will be imperative to clean every day but if possible without using chemicals. A detergent or disinfectant with chemical products are to proscribe. The classic cleaning products (of type detergent) will be largely sufficient for the daily dirtiness but not to eliminate the microbes and even less the possible presence of Coronavirus. For the Disinfection in Day nursery, the use of disinfecting solution containing chlorine is to proscribe and more particularly for the cleaning and the maintenance of the feeding-bottles. The choice of washing products and disinfectants for this type of maintenance must meet several criteria:

  • a detergent washing product such as: basic dishwashing product (MIR or PAIC), a few drops are enough to wash and degrease.
  • an approved disinfectant, in accordance with the disinfection standards in force (EN 1040, EN 1275, EN 14-476 A1, NF T 72-180 etc.)
  • disinfectant that is not harmful to humans and the environment
  • a disinfectant approved for "food contact" without residue and without rinsing, allowing children to put disinfected objects in their mouths

Airborne Disinfection in Daycare

Airborne surface disinfection is fast, simple and very effective! The mister JETBIO 2020 allows you to carry out an automatic disinfection of the surfaces by air of the rooms constituting your premises up to 2000m3.

The Disinfection in day care centers by fogging dry is a technique of Airborne Surface Disinfection (DSVA). It consists in projecting a disinfectant product in very fine droplets into the atmosphere, using a device: the fogger. The mist thus formed will settle on all the surfaces of the room that are in contact with the air. They will therefore be disinfected, but without being wet.

To obtain a Disinfection " in conformity with the Biocides Standards in force, it is absolutely necessary to wash and rub the contact surfaces with soapy water and a " microfibre " cloth. This operation will allow to break and remove the "BIOFILM". See our articles : UNDERSTANDING DISINFECTION and What is the BIOFILM and how to remove it

What materials and products do we recommend?

IBL Specifik offers its airborne disinfection equipment, JETBIO 2020 to disinfect (Automatically) every evening the crèche before the children return the next morning. This operation disinfects all the floors, surfaces and objects in the crèche (furniture, nappies, toys, soft toys, etc.). In addition, the disinfectant product used, APABIOis safe for children and completely biodegradable (decomposes in water and oxygen) and leaves no residue on surfaces.

Very stable product, ready to use and with a wide range of activity according to French and European standards :

This 100% organic and totally ecological disinfectant is a gentle and non-toxic solution for humans and their environment: in 6 points:

Bactericidal: EN 1040, EN 13727, EN 14561, EN 13697, NFT72-281 (Contact time: 30 seconds)
Fungicide: EN 1275, EN 13624, EN 14562, EN 13697, NFT72-281 (Contact time: 30 seconds)
Sporicidal: EN 14347, EN 13704, NFT 72-231, NFT72-281 (5 minutes : B. subtilis / 5min : B. subtilis, C. difficile
5min: B. subtilis, C. sporogenes
Virucidal: EN 14476 + A1: (5 min: PRV, BVDV, herpes) (10 min: poliovirus, adenovirus, rotavirus) VIRUCIAL "Covid19" from 5 min
Mycobactericidia: EN 14348 (5 minutes M. avium / 10 minutes M. terrae)
"Complies with the standard for airborne disinfection: NF T 72-281 with our equipment.

Below are PDF documents that may help you.