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Videos of our dry steam cleaning equipment

Discover in video our steam cleaners

BL SPECIFIK is an innovative company, it designs, manufactures and markets under its Brand : IBL SPECIFIK , machines for cleaning, degreasing, decontamination and terminal disinfection operations. Its three main ranges of equipment are: Foam guns, Professional Steam Cleaners, Industrial Dry Saturated Steam Generators, Automatic Cleaning and Disinfection machines. Our goal is to propose Machine Concepts with low water consumption, therefore ecological. New : IBL has created a professional steam cleaner specializing in Air Conditioning : the CLIM 3000. This device has been designed and manufactured in collaboration with professionals in the Air Conditioning sector, in order to provide an efficient and ecological solution in the maintenance of air cooling systems without danger to electrical parts.

Steam Cleaning of Medical Oxygen Cylinders

Steam Cleaning of an Automobile Engine

Steam Cleaning Test on Meat Soiling

Airborne Surface Disinfection Ambulance

Dry steam degreasing in the mechanical industry

Example of Steam Cleaning in Industry