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Our IBL products: professional cleaning equipment

All our cleaning and disinfection machines

Professional cleaning equipment

Whatever your sector of activity, professional, industrial, medical, etc., you will find at IBL SPECIFIK the cleaning equipment that will meet your needs. Clean at high pressure and high temperature with steam generators and disinfect with steam under pressure. Our ecological equipment does not require any detergent or chemical product and allows to degrease or eliminate microorganisms harmful to human or animal health.

We make a point of ensuring that our professional cleaning equipment is versatile, ergonomic, easy to use and maintain, and suitable for use in all sectors and on all surfaces. We work exclusively with European suppliers to design and manufacture all our equipment. All our components have been selected, tested and validated by our engineers, to guarantee the highest manufacturing quality and "Made In France" quality.

We invest heavily in innovation, research and development: IBL's technologies are patented worldwide and our automatic aerial disinfection devices have been awarded the standard NF T 72-281 from IRM, an accredited laboratory "COFRAC" //www.cofrac.fr/.

CLIM 3000 : Nettoyeur Vapeur Spécial Clim

Our machine, CLIM 3000 , is a Professional Steam Cleaner specially designed for splits from...

STEAMBIO MAX Nettoyeur industrie agroalimentaire

The STEAMBIO 10000 L is a powerful industrial steam cleaner for intensive use in...

SPS - Split Protection System

The SPS is a waterproof, funnel-shaped tarpaulin system for installation on...

STEAMBIO 10000 L Nettoyeur vapeur industrie agroalimentaire

Industrial steam cleaner The STEAMBIO 10000 L is a powerful industrial steam cleaner for the...

AIRBIO : Appareil Automatique de Désinfection

Simple, fast and highly effective! The AIRBIO fogger or aero-fogger enables you to...

Steamatik - Steam cleaning of smooth conveyor belts

STEAMATIK is an innovative steam cleaning system for industrial conveyor belts. It cleans and...

HYDROSTEAM : Nettoyeur vapeur et haute pression industriel

HYDROSTEAM is a powerful three-phase industrial steam cleaner with adjustable pressure and temperature, for...

VAPBIO 3000 : Nettoyeur vapeur semi industriel

The VAPBIO 3000 delivers dry steam at 8 bar and high temperature (175°C), enabling you to...

STEAMBIO 10000 SP: Industrial Steam Degreasing Machine

The Industrial Steam Cleaner and Degreaser is a machine designed for cleaning and degreasing...

Steamatik: Automated cleaning of mesh conveyor belts

STEAMATIK is an innovative Robotic steam cleaning system for industrial conveyor belts. It enables...

NETBIO 600 : Autonomus Industrial Foam Gun

Industrial foam gun in stainless steel Are you looking for an effective industrial foam sprayer to carry out...

STEAMBIO 30000 : Industrial Steam Cleaner

This industrial cleaning generator generates dry steam at 12 bar and high...

STEAMBIO 19000 : Industrial Steam Cleaner

The STEAMBIO 19000 is an industrial steam cleaner that generates dry steam under 12°C...

NETBIO 200: Autonomus professional foam gun

Foam gun with integrated compressor The device sprays foam onto surfaces to be...

VAPBIO : Semi industrial steam cleaner

Need to clean INTENSELY without getting wet? The VAPBIO, with its 8-bar dry steam and...

STAMBIO: Steam disinfection

Hydrogen peroxide steam generator, combining two technologies for bio-decontamination and disinfection...
All our cleaning and disinfecting products

Professional cleaning products

AQUABIO mist disinfectant

Aquabio is a very broad-spectrum disinfectant fogger (virucide), fully biodegradable, in...

APABIO Bio ecological disinfectant

Stable product for 3 years: the secret of the range lies in stabilization by...

Clean D+ : The Hyper industrial degreaser

"THE" professional ecological ultra degreaser par excellence, super-stripper and food-safe degreaser, with a...

3D BIO : Ecological foaming product

3D BIO is a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal foaming product with excellent degreasing properties on...

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Professional steam cleaning equipment

Frequently asked questions about steam cleaning and disinfection

What is steam cleaning and disinfection?

Steam cleaning and disinfection are cleaning methods that use pressurized steam to remove dirt, stains and pathogens from surfaces. This involves the use of specific equipment, such as professional steam cleaners.

What are the advantages of steam cleaning and disinfection over traditional methods?

Steam cleaning and disinfection offer several advantages over traditional methods:

  • Hot water steam effectively removes dirt, stains, grease and residues without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • It penetrates deep into surfaces, eliminating pore-bound bacteria, viruses and mites.
  • It cleans and disinfects simultaneously, providing a faster, more efficient process.
  • It generally does not damage sensitive materials such as upholstery or delicate coverings.
  • It offers an environmentally-friendly method, reducing chemical and water consumption.

How does steam work to clean and disinfect effectively?

The pressurized steam generated by all professional steam cleaning equipment dissolves dirt and contaminants on surfaces. The heat of steam also contributes to the destruction of pathogens, by exposing them to high temperatures which eliminate them.

What types of surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected with steam?

Steam can be used to clean and disinfect a wide range of surfaces, including floors, carpets, upholstery, tiles, windows, sanitary appliances, kitchen equipment, metal surfaces and much more.

Is steam safe to use on all materials?

Steam is generally safe to use on most materials commonly encountered in professional environments, such as glass, metal, tiles, heat-resistant plastics and so on. However, some sensitive materials such as unsealed wood or delicate painted surfaces may require extra care. We recommend consulting the manufacturer's instructions or carrying out a preliminary test on a small area before proceeding to full cleaning.

What are the environmental benefits of steam cleaning and disinfection?

The use of professional cleaning equipment for steam cleaning and disinfection reduces dependence on aggressive chemicals, contributing to better indoor air quality and environmental protection. What's more, water consumption is generally reduced thanks to the efficient use of steam, compared with traditional methods which often require larger quantities of water.

Does steam cleaning and disinfection eliminate allergens and dust mites?

 Yes, steam cleaning is effective in removing allergens such as dust mites, pet dander and mold. The high heat of steam eliminates these allergens, which can help improve indoor air quality and reduce allergy-related symptoms.

What about eliminating bacteria, viruses and other pathogens with steam?

Pressurized steam is capable of killing many types of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens. However, it's important to note that some micro-organisms may be more resistant to heat, requiring longer exposure or additional disinfection methods.

Does steam cleaning reduce the use of chemicals?

Yes, the use of steam cleaning greatly reduces, if not completely eliminates, the need to use harsh chemicals. Hot water steam has natural cleaning and disinfecting properties, making it a more environmentally and health-friendly alternative.

What are the economic benefits of steam cleaning and disinfection for my company?

Steam cleaning and disinfection can offer significant economic benefits to a business, including:

  • Reduced costs associated with the purchase of cleaning chemicals.
  • Reduced labor requirements thanks to the efficiency and speed of steam cleaning.
  • Increased surface life thanks to regular deep cleaning.
  • Improving customer satisfaction by providing a clean and healthy environment.