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Our disinfection and degreasing products

Disinfectant and degreaser

Discover our range of ecological disinfection and degreasing products that can be used with our range of cleaning equipment IBL Specifik

We offer an approved bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal cleaner with excellent degreasing power on animal and vegetable fats and various types of dirt. A multi-purpose, multi-surface and very economical product that cleans and disinfects in a single operation.

We have in our range a hyper degreaser to eliminate greases of all kinds, oils, soot, petrol and sludge. It is suitable for tiles, concrete, marble, vinyl, painted wood, plastic, ceramics, waxed and polished surfaces, leather, carpets and upholstery and aluminium joinery.

IBL also offers a totally environmentally friendly organic disinfectant. It is the total disinfection solution, gentle and non-toxic for man and his environment: in 6 points

We only collaborate with European suppliers to design and manufacture all these devices. All our components have been selected, tested and validated by our engineers, in order to guarantee a very high quality of manufacture and 100% Made In France devices.