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Industrial Cleaning by steam

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For the problems encountered in most plants.

Industrial Cleaning by steam

Industrial Cleaning requires powerful and efficient equipment to treat surfaces specific to the Industry. The use of an industrial steam cleaner is an increasingly preferred solution for industrial cleaning. IBL Specifik Designed an industrial steam cleaner, the Steambio 19000.

This model, the most powerful of the range, is recommended for the Industrial cleaning And is perfectly adapted to the problems encountered in most plants.

Industrial Cleaning by steam
Indeed, the cleaning and industrial cleaning of surfaces, tools and production machines is particularly difficult. Industrial cleaning has to face a ga wide variety of surfaces to be treated (stainless steel, electrical parts, floors, etc.), in narrow, fragile or difficult to access areas....

Advantages of the Industrial Steam Cleaner: Steambio 19000

The Steambio 19000 Industrial Steam Cleaner is ideal for disinfecting, degreasing and cleaning equipment, parts and components to restore and rejuvenate production units.

  • The steam is very soft for the surface: the heat (185 °c) and the pressure (10 bars) of the Steam act as a surfactant that dissolves the fats and cleans in depth.
  • Steambio 19000 can be used with a detergent, degreaser or other product to increase cleaning speed.
  • Our Industrial Steam Cleaners consume up to 96% less water than traditional cleaning, which allows them to be used in industrial environments where they cannot be wetted or where the presence of electronics prevents the use of large quantities of water.
  • The industrial cleaning by steam allows a drying time gain which is practically non-existent, the surfaces are not or little wet after cleaning.
  • Unlike high pressure cleaners, the steam cleaner can be used without stopping production and does not interfere with active personnel.

Pressure Dry steam Technology is a relatively dry jet (about 5% water) is projected under pressure of 10 bar on the surface to be cleaned, at a temperature of 185 °c. Some models are equipped with a detergent tank that allows the addition of disinfectants, soaps, degreasers or other cleaning agents.
The very low water use of the steam cleaner allows safe use in industrial environments in Places that cannot be wet or when the presence of electronic devices prevents the use of water in quantity.
The industrial steam cleaner designed by IBL Specifik is therefore recommended for cleaning and disinfecting the inlaid soil of the production equipment as well as their parts and components.

Materials recommended by IBL Specifik

The almost unlimited applications of the industrial steam cleaner for industrial cleaning

Industrial Cleaning by steam
Industrial Cleaning by steam
Industrial Steam Cleaning
  • Removes oils and degreases industrial equipment
  • Ensures a Deep cleaningBecause the high temperature of the Steam has a surface-active and detergent effect.
  • In-depth industrial cleaning of Chains, rollers and packaging.
  • Industrial cleaning and maintenance of Ducts and ventilation grates.
  • Industrial degreasing of Control panels and electrical switchboards.
  • Industrial sanitation Conveyors belts.
  • Cleaning of Industrial machines and workbenches.
  • Industrial disinfection Steel tanks.
  • Industrial degreasing and Polishing Mechanical body parts and alloy rims.
  • Industrial disinfection and cleaning bottling lines and nozzles.
  • A cleaning of Electrical or electronic parts, following a precise procedure, without risk or damage: such as switches, electrical plugs, lamp holders, motor blocks, etc..
  • Industrial cleaning More environmentally friendly, since the use of detergent is limited to 50% of applications, instead of 100% with the traditional method.
  • Industrial cleaning More Economical, by the use of water alone in 50% of applications And the time saving realized by the operator (no wiping in the case of the use of the suction).
  • A rewarding industrial cleaning, healthier and less tiring for the operator.
  • Reduces the use of corrosive and harmful chemicals to health and the environment.
  • Significantly reduces Water consumption and the costs generated By the management of contaminated water.
  • Eliminates the accumulation of substances, dirt and residues on any equipment.