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Hygiene and disinfection in Nursery

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Cleaning and disinfection equipment in nurseries

IBL Specifik disinfection-creche

TheHygiene in Crib is very important in order to limit the Microbiological contamination between children, toy to child, staff to children etc. Cleaning and disinfecting plans in cribs must be put in place, but above all well applied, which is unfortunately not always the case. The products used must be safe for children when putting toys in the mouth, for example. IBL Specifik's airborne surface disinfection system can solve these problems.

They must therefore be approved "food contact", i. e. in accordance with the decree of 8 September 1999.

IBL Specifik Cleaning and disinfection in nurseries

A good Hygiene in Crib is achieved by applying protocols defined by the supplier of cleaning and disinfection products.
TheHygiene in Crib Also comes from the staff who are in constant contact with the children. Regular hand washing is therefore the first step towards a good Hygiene in Crib. The risks of infection are higher in this type of establishment due in particular to the exchange of toys between children.
IBL Specifik offers air disinfection equipment, MINIBIO disinfection fogger to disinfect the nursery every night before the children return the next morning. This operation makes it possible to disinfect all surfaces and objects in the crèche (furniture, nappies, toys, plush toys, etc.). In addition, the disinfectant product used, APABIOIs Not harmful to children and totally biodegradable (decomposition in water and oxygen).

Materials recommended by IBL Specifik

Disinfection in Crib is thus total and prevents an epidemic of gastroenteritis, measles, influenza etc....
To clean the surfaces of a crèche before disinfecting them, IBL Specifik recommends steam cleaning, which thanks to its high pressure and high temperature eliminates biofilm and decontaminates the surfaces.

Examples of uses:

  • Cleaning and Disinfection of soils by steam
  • Disinfection of furniture, toys, plush
  • Disinfecting Baby Bottles
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the diapers