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What is mist disinfection?

The spray disinfection dry is a technique of airborne surface disinfection (DSVA). It consists of projecting a disinfectant product in very fine droplets into the atmosphere, using a device: the mister, which works with compressed air. The mist thus formed will be deposited on all surfaces of the room in contact with the air. They will therefore be disinfected, but without getting wet.

What are the advantages of mist disinfection?

The foggers are either manual or automatic. The misting devices ofIBL Specifik thus allow the surfaces of a room to be disinfected without human intervention. With a digitally regulated and controlled flow rate, these disinfection mist sprayers ensure automatic product dosing. Simply start the program and leave the room during the disinfectant contact time. In addition, the disinfectant mist will act throughout the room, ensuring total disinfection of all surfaces in the room that come into contact with the air.
The spray disinfection is subject to the French standard for airborne surface disinfection, NF T 72-281, which attests to its effectiveness.
The disinfection misters ofIBL Specifik are easy and quick to program. They guarantee effective disinfection results for communities (crèches, retirement homes, etc.), medical practices, laboratories, public transport, the food industry and all sectors that require disinfection in accordance with current standards.
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