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  • Written by Stephan Imbach
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Your questions about our cleaning and disinfection products

What is the difference between steam and compressed air?

Steam is used for larger volumes, its main interest is to bring heat, which allows to saturate the room much faster. Indeed, as hot air is lighter than cold air, the mist of steam and disinfectant product will quickly rise into the atmosphere before falling on all surfaces in contact with the air. On the other hand, steam disinfection increases the hygrometric rate of the room more than compressed air. For applications where the humidity level in the room must not exceed certain values, compressed air should be used.

Can the machines be used with or without operators?

The compressed air disinfection machine, AIRBIO, is used without human intervention. The disinfection operation can therefore be carried out at night or at weekends in order to limit the time the room is not used. The steam disinfection machine, STAMBIO, can be used with or without operators depending on the desired use. It can be useful, to reach certain places, to use it in manual mode with a flexible hose (e.g.: to disinfect the inside of a machine tool, a ventilation duct...). It can also be used in a fully automatic way, just like theAIRBIO, in order to disinfect your premises at night or during the weekend.

Why disinfect with machines, rather than with sprays?

The airborne disinfection technique is much more efficient than a classical disinfection by directed dispersal (sprays). The disinfectant mist generated by the machine will spread on all surfaces in contact with the air, on areas that an operator cannot necessarily reach. A disinfection operation has precise objectives, and in order to obtain a satisfactory result, it must be carried out according to a standard. A machine will always repeat the same operation, whereas a physical operator will not always provide the same efficiency.

What other machines are available on the market?

There are other manufacturers of airborne surface disinfection machines, and the prices vary from one manufacturer to another. How can you explain this difference and know if the price is justified? The first thing to do is to check that the supplier has obtained the aerial disinfection standard, NF T 72-281, and that the laboratory that carried out the tests is COFRAC accredited. Without this document, you have no proof of the effectiveness of the disinfection, which must meet specific objectives.

Why did you choose to make stainless steel machines?

Our machines must be robust and reliable. Stainless steel is a material that ensures this robustness over time.