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Automated Steam System

Steamatik by IBL Specifik

Automated Steam System

Discover Steamatik's two Automated Steam Systems for automated cleaning of mesh conveyor belts and steam cleaning of smooth conveyor belts. This system uses dry steam and is recommended in the combating pathogen contamination of production facilitiesparticularly in the food industry.

We only collaborate with European suppliers to design and manufacture all these devices. All our components have been selected, tested and validated by our engineers, in order to guarantee a very high quality of manufacture and 100% Made In France devices.

Steam cleaning - Automated steam system for smooth carpets

Steamatik - Steam cleaning of smooth conveyor belts

STEAMATIK is an innovative steam cleaning system for industrial conveyor belts. It cleans and...

Steamatik: Automated cleaning of mesh conveyor belts

STEAMATIK is an innovative Robotic steam cleaning system for industrial conveyor belts. It enables...
Robotic Steam Cleaning

Can steam disinfect without using products?

Yes, the steam, thanks to a high temperature (up to 180°C under a pressure of 8 bars) and high pressure, kills harmful microorganisms. On the other hand, there will be no persistence over time, unlike a disinfection combining steam and disinfectant product.

The persistence of a product is the length of time that the product will continue to be active. It can last up to several days depending on the products used. This concept is very important in disinfection, it prevents the environment from being conducive to the proliferation of harmful microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi ...).

However, if you clean regularly with an Automated Steam System, the steam disinfects surfaces.

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