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IBL brings you Ecological Concepts and Solutions that respect man and his environment.

IBL French manufacturer of cleaning and disinfection equipment

IBL is an innovative company that designs, manufactures and markets under its Brand, IBL SPECIFIKcleaning and disinfection equipment: Professional Steam Cleaner, Industrial Dry Saturated Steam Cleaner, Conveyor Belt Cleaning Robot, Foam gun and Disinfection FOGGER (Consistent with Standards NFT72-281).

Our Professional and Industrial Steam Cleaners are built to last and give you complete satisfaction.

Our range of equipment and organic products allows you to clean and disinfect all the surfaces of your premises in accordance with the standards in force.

Our objective is to reduce your water consumption, therefore of chemical products and consequently the reduction of your effluents.

Professional Steam Cleaners Special CLIMATE CLEANERS

After many years of research and development,
IBL also offers you to discover its range of professional equipment for the disinfection of premises.

French Designer and Manufacturer

We design and manufacture a range of cleaning and disinfection equipment. Professional and Industrial Steam Cleaners disinfection appliances for professionals and industrials. We only work with European suppliers. All our components have been selected, tested and validated by our engineers, in order to guarantee a very high quality of manufacture and 100% Made In France appliances.

Research & Development - Quality customer service

We invest heavily in innovation, research and development: IBL's technologies are patented worldwide and our automatic airborne disinfectors have been awarded the "Best in Class" award. standard NF T 72-281 at the MRI, an accredited laboratory." COFRAC " //www.cofrac.fr/.

An approach that is increasingly respectful of man and his environment


We have the will to provide reliable equipment while respecting man and his environment. Our goal is to bring you innovative technological solutions that consume less chemistry, water and energy. Our technologies take into account the Operator and his requirements: (ergonomics, simplicity of use and implementation).

We use only environmentally friendly and biodegradable disinfectants with our equipment.

We ensure and guarantee a quality manufacturer's after-sales service.

Cleaning and disinfection equipment adapted to all sectors of activity

ibl-specifik - cleaning equipment - all sectors

We are aware of the issues related to cleanliness in sectors of activity such as the hospital environment or other medical devices (veterinary for example), food processing, transport, early childhood... You will find in our product range the cleaning equipment adapted to your needs.

IBL Specifik designs and distributes disinfection and cleaning equipment

Our broad-spectrum disinfectant solutions associated with our high-pressure equipment allow the disinfection of floors and surfaces of professional premises, industries or for companies with food surfaces, contact surfaces, medical equipment requiring protection against contamination.

Discover our range of professional cleaning equipment and cleaning products.