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Discover our disinfection and cleaning news here: standards, explanations of disinfection processes, steam cleaning methods, the advantages of steam or misting, our new equipment and many other related topics.

Steam cleaner pro: Save water and energy

En tant que professionnel, vous êtes soucieux de l’environnement et de la rentabilité de votre entreprise. Le nettoyage vapeur s’impose comme une solution écologique et économique pour répondre à vos besoins d’hygiène. IBL Specifik vous conseil l’utilisation d’un nettoyeur vapeur écologique comme Hydrobio. Réduire votre...
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Cleaning and disinfecting mobile homes

Avec l’augmentation des attentes des consommateurs en matière d’hygiène, le nettoyage et la désinfection dans l’industrie du camping sont devenus des enjeux majeurs, particulièrement dans les mobil homes, où la rotation rapide des occupants accentue le risque de propagation de germes et de virus. Les...
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Why use electrolyzed water for cleaning?

Electrolyzed or ionized water Water has always been the cleaning agent par excellence, because it's safe for people and the environment. However, it lacks the properties needed to clean and degrease surfaces properly. In fact, its...
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Remplacer le formol dans le nettoyage et la désinfection

Le formol, également connu sous le nom de formaldéhyde, est un composé chimique largement utilisé dans divers domaines, notamment comme agent de conservation dans les laboratoires, l’industrie du textile et même dans certains produits de nettoyage. Cependant, sa toxicité et son impact sur la santé...
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Ensuring Safe Care: Essential Steps in Disinfecting Medical Equipment

In the medical field, hygiene and safety are fundamental pillars in guaranteeing quality care. Disinfection of medical equipment plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of nosocomial infections. At IBL Specifik, specialists in the design and...
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L’importance du nettoyage de cuves viticoles

Cleaning wine tanks is much more than a simple maintenance task, it's one of the most important steps in guaranteeing wine quality. As a specialist retailer of cleaning and disinfection equipment, we understand the vital importance of wine tank cleaning...
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Guide complet pour éradiquer les punaises de lit

Bed bugs, those little nocturnal parasites, can quickly become a nightmare in our homes. Their highly allergenic and therefore extremely itchy bites, and their ability to hide in the tiniest corners of your living space, make them a problem...
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Guarantee healthy and hygienic catering

The contract catering sector, which includes schools, colleges, lycées and company canteens, requires exceptional hygiene standards to ensure the health and well-being of its guests. As a specialist supplier of cleaning and disinfecting equipment, we understand the crucial importance of cleaning...
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Optimize Hygiene in the Medical Sector

In the medical field, where cleanliness and disinfection are imperative, choosing the right cleaning and disinfection product and/or equipment is essential. As a manufacturer of medical equipment disinfection products, we understand the crucial importance of...
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Investing heavily in innovation, research and development, we keep our finger on the pulse of disinfection and cleaning. IBL's technologies are patented worldwide, and our automatic aerial disinfection equipment has been awarded the standard NF T 72-281 from IRM, an accredited laboratory "COFRAC" //