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Cleaning and disinfecting equipment by customer sector

IBL is an innovative company, created in 1993, which designs, manufactures and markets under its own brand, IBL SPECIFIKWe offer a full range of approved cleaning and disinfecting equipment: Professional Steam Cleaners, Industrial Saturated Dry Steam Cleaners, Robot Conveyor Carpet Cleaners, Foamer and Disinfectant Misters (in compliance with NFT72-281 standards).

Our Professional and Industrial Steam Cleaners are designed to be easily maintained and to last over time, giving you complete satisfaction.

Our range of organic materials and products allows you to clean and disinfect all the surfaces of your premises in accordance with the standards in force.

Our objective is to reduce your water consumption, and therefore your chemical consumption, and consequently your effluents.

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Photo of a firefighter's ambulance. Disinfection in medical transport

Transport sanitaire

Vehicle disinfection

Disinfection is the voluntary and temporary removal of certain germs in order to stop or prevent the risk of infection by pathogenic or undesirable micro-organisms or viruses.

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Environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection in the food industry

Food industry

Sanitary Safety

Production plants, packaging factories, food storage facilities... The food industry is very concerned by the problems associated with cleaning and disinfecting premises.

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Air conditioning sector

Air conditioning cleaning and disinfection

Air conditioning cleaning is a delicate operation, and IBL Specifik recommends steam cleaning to treat specific surfaces such as fins and condensers...

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Cleaning and disinfection equipment for restaurants

Restaurant and Kitchen

Food hygiene regulations

In these sectors, clean and hygienic premises are essential to ensure safe and healthy food consumption.

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ibl specifik community cleaning equipment

Community and sanitary

Sanitation & hygiene

Decontamination issues must be taken into account in these places of passage and contact: toilets, communal showers, changing rooms, gymnasiums, swimming pools...

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Industrial Steam Cleaning and Degreasing

Industrial cleaning

In-plant sanitation

The use of an industrial high-pressure steam cleaner is an increasingly popular solution for industrial cleaning, which requires powerful, efficient equipment.

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IBL Specifik example of the use of cleaning and disinfecting equipment in industry

Cleaning and disinfection service provider

Choose the best equipment

Cleaning and disinfection, rat and insect control (or 3D) companies must offer their customers efficient, fast and environmentally friendly solutions to satisfy them.

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IBL Specifik cleaning and disinfecting equipment and products for day-care centers

Cleaning and disinfection in day nurseries

Approved for food contact

Hygiene in day nurseries is very important in order to limit microbiological contamination between children, from toys to children, from staff to children, etc...

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Cleaning equipment for the hotel industry

Bedrooms, kitchens, communal areas

Hygiene in day nurseries is very important in order to limit microbiological contamination between children, from toys to children, from staff to children, etc...

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IBL Specifik cleaning equipment for the army

Industrial Cleaning in the Military Sector

Solutions for CBRN threats

Are you a supplier to companies in the military sector and are you looking for solutions?

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ibl specifik medical sector clean room

Cleanroom sector

Laboratory ultra-cleanliness

Whether in pharmaceutical, cosmetics or research laboratories, the issues are identical: finding new, innovative solutions in Cleaning and Disinfection Equipment.

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IBL Specifik example of the use of Automotive Cleaning Equipment

Ecological Car Cleaning

Surface complexity

A car has many different and relatively complex surfaces to clean: windows, bodywork, wheels, engine, seats, carpets and dashboard. 

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Research & Development - Quality customer service

research and development department ibl specifik

We invest heavily in innovation, research and development: IBL's technologies are patented worldwide and our automatic aerial disinfection devices have been awarded the standard NF T 72-281 from IRM, an accredited laboratory "COFRAC" //www.cofrac.fr/.