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Steam cleaning for Communities sector

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Communities and health facilities have special sanitation and hygiene needs due to the frequency of traffic and use, the size of the surfaces and the limited time available for cleaning and disinfection of these areas. The operator needs to be fast and efficient: this is why IBL Specifik recommends cleaning with a foam gunThe new system is capable of cleaning and disinfecting large surfaces in record time and makes the operator's job easier.

Image showing the connection to the water tap of the mouse gun

Communities and sanitary facilities require a lot of effort and time from the operator to be cleaned and disinfected. In addition, the decontamination issues must be taken into account in these places of passage and contact: toilets, communal showers, changing rooms, saunas, gymnasiums, swimming pools...

The operator must therefore be able to cleaning and disinfecting large surfaces with a compact, mobile and autonomous device. In addition, the horizontal and vertical surfaces must be processed. The Foam Cannon allows you to spraying disinfectant foam on very large vertical and horizontal surfaces.
This technique is very easy for the operator who must simply cover the walls to be treated with foam. The characteristics of the foam allow it toadhere to surfaces to promote chemical and disinfectant action of the foaming product. Then the operator only has to rinse with the foam gun by spraying water under pressure to evacuate the foam. The Foam Cannon is mobile and autonomous: it has a integrated compressor, can be connected to the water network for unlimited water autonomy.
IBL Specifik also recommends the use of a steam cleaner before the foam gun for treating specific surfaces: textiles, stains, taps, anti-lime scale operation, degreasing, etc...

Materials recommended by IBL Specifik


Recommended in :

  • Sanitary facilities
  • The Changing Rooms
  • Collective Kitchens
  • Collective Showers
  • Campsites, sports complex, canteen, swimming pool, spa, petrol station...
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