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Industrial Steam Cleaner

What is an industrial steam cleaner?

An Industrial Cleaning Steam Generator is a totally electric device powered by a three-phase electric current (380/400 volts) and is equipped with a very large capacity boiler, in order to generate a lot of steam that will be delivered for a long time without loss of pressure.

The industrial steam cleaner is the ideal equipment to clean industrial installations or machines. A professional steam cleanerEven those made by IBL Specifik may not be powerful enough because they are powered by 230 volts.

An industrial cleaning generator can generate dry steam under 12 bars and high temperature (185°C), and thus allows to clean and disinfect all industrial surfaces and installations. An Industrial Steam Cleaner like the STEAMBIO 30000 is an extremely powerful steam cleaning machine (30kW).

Why use industrial steam cleaner?

A high-pressure steam cleaner is used to degrease, de-oil, decontaminate and clean equipment, machines and production tools perfectly. These machines are designed for deep cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces and equipment in an industrial way.

Does the steam disinfect?

The answer is: YES Below we explain how and why.

For steam to be able to disinfect, you need water heated to over 120°, high pressure and regular cleaning. We develop and sell high-performance steam cleaning equipment and explain here why steam cleaning is ideal for many areas.

Above its boiling point, water turns into steam, breaking the physical and chemical bonds that retain the dirt and grease stuck to the surfaces to be cleaned. Above 120°C, the combination of pressure and steam creates a "shock" disinfection effect.

So yes, thanks to a high-pressure cleaner, steam acts as a disinfectant, by a high temperature (up to 180°C) and a high pressure (8 bars), kills harmful micro-organisms.

Discover our Industrial Steam Cleaners

We only collaborate with European suppliers to design and manufacture all these devices. All our components have been selected, tested and validated by our engineers, in order to guarantee a very high quality of manufacture and 100% Made In France devices.

Our industrial steam cleaners are available for sale or rent.