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Industrial Steam Cleaners

Industrial plant cleaning

What is an Industrial Steam Cleaner?

Industrial steam cleaners are totally electric units powered by three-phase electricity (380/400 volts). They are equipped with a high-capacity boiler to generate a lot of steam, which is delivered over a long period of time without any loss of pressure.

Industrial steam cleaners are ideal for cleaning industrial plant and machinery. Professional steam cleaners, even those manufactured by IBL Specifik , may not be powerful enough, as they are powered by 230 volts.

An industrial cleaning generator can generate dry steam at 12 bar and high temperature (185°C), enabling it to clean and disinfect all industrial surfaces and installations. An Industrial Steam Cleaner like the STEAMBIO 30000 is an extremely powerful steam cleaning machine (30kW).

STEAMBIO MAX Food industry cleaner

The STEAMBIO 10000 L is a powerful industrial steam cleaner for intensive use in...

STEAMBIO 10000 L Steam cleaner food industry

Industrial steam cleaner The STEAMBIO 10000 L is a powerful industrial steam cleaner for the...

HYDROSTEAM : Industrial steam and high pressure cleaner

HYDROSTEAM is a powerful three-phase industrial steam cleaner with adjustable pressure and temperature, for...

STEAMBIO 10000 SP: Industrial Steam Degreasing Machine

The Industrial Steam Cleaner and Degreaser is a machine designed for cleaning and degreasing...

STEAMBIO 30000 : Industrial Steam Cleaner

This industrial cleaning generator generates dry steam at 12 bar and high...

STEAMBIO 19000 : Industrial Steam Cleaner

The STEAMBIO 19000 is an industrial steam cleaner that generates dry steam under 12°C...
High-pressure cleaner

Why use an industrial steam cleaner?

Industrial Steam Cleaners are ideal for degreasing, de-oiling, decontaminating and cleaning production equipment, machines and tools. These machines are designed to thoroughly clean and sanitize surfaces and equipment on an industrial scale.

For steam to be able to disinfect, you need water heated to over 120°, high pressure and regular cleaning. We develop and sell high-performance steam cleaning equipment and explain here why steam cleaning is ideal for many areas.

Above its boiling point, water turns into steam, breaking the physical and chemical bonds that retain the dirt and grease stuck to the surfaces to be cleaned. Above 120°C, the combination of pressure and steam creates a "shock" disinfection effect.

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Steam cleaning in industry. Industrial steam cleaners
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Industrial steam cleaners made in France

We make a point of ensuring that our professional cleaning equipment is versatile, ergonomic, easy to use and maintain, and suitable for use in all sectors and on all surfaces. We work exclusively with European suppliers to design and manufacture all our equipment. All our components have been selected, tested and validated by our engineers, to guarantee the highest manufacturing quality and "Made In France" quality.

We invest heavily in innovation, research and development: IBL's technologies are patented worldwide and our automatic aerial disinfection devices have been awarded the standard NF T 72-281 from IRM, an accredited laboratory « COFRAC » //