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General terms and conditions

1 – Identification du vendeur

IBL Specifik is the trade name of SARL IBL SERVICE, a limited liability company with a capital of 20,000 euros, registered since 1993 with the Créteil (94) Trade and Companies Register under no. 390 870 889, Siret 39087088900032, APE 464 Z, Intracommunity VAT number: FR49390870889, whose head office is located at the following address:

SARL IBL SERVICE : 69 Avenue Aristide Briand 94230 CACHAN - FRANCE 

Customer service :

+ 33 (0) (toll-free, French number)

Contact e-mail: sarliblservice@gmail.com

Switchboard opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

09h00 to 12h00 and 13h30 to 18h00

Article 1: General information general terms and conditions of sale

All orders placed on our online sales site belonging to IBL SERVICE imply the Buyer's acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale and waiver of his own general terms and conditions of purchase, including union conditions. This acceptance is deemed acquired if no reservation is expressed by the Buyer within 7 days.

The information contained in catalogs and prospectuses is not binding on IBL SERVICE, which reserves the right to modify its products.

IBL SERVICE n’est lié par les engagements qui pourraient être pris par ses représentants ou employés que sous réserve d’un accord émanant de IBL SERVICE. Cet accord sera réputé acquis en cas de non contestation de la part de IBL SERVICE dans un délai de 15 jour ouvrable à compter de la réception de la commande. Le désaccord éventuel sera signifié à l’Acheteur dans les mêmes délais. Le contrat de vente n’est parfait que sous réserve d’acceptation par IBL SERVICE de la demande de l’Acheteur.

Article 2: Delivery time and Right of withdrawal

Delivery times are based on the information available to IBL SERVICE on the day the order is placed.

IBL Specifik guarantees 24-hour dispatch for accessories.

For electrical equipment, the product is tested before being packed and dispatched. We ship within 48 to 72 hours.

Under no circumstances may a delay in delivery give rise to any form of compensation.
IBL SERVICE est dégagé de plein droit de tout engagement relatif aux délais de livraison

- in the event that the terms of payment have not been respected by the Buyer.

- in the event of force majeure.

- in the event of raw material shortages.


According to article L121-20-1 of the French Consumer Code (the right of withdrawal only applies to individual consumers only), this type of consumer has a period of fourteen clear days to exercise his or her right of withdrawal without having to justify his or her reasons or pay any penalties, with the exception of all shipping and return costs.
The period mentioned runs from receipt of the good(s), and on a cancellation sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to contact@iblspecifik.com.

Refunds may be made within a maximum of 30 days following the date on which the right was exercised.

If the 14-day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it is extended to the next working day.

Returns must be made directly to the manufacturer, whose address in France will be communicated on request. This right of return will only be accepted for products that are complete (accessories, instructions, etc.), unused, in their original packaging, in good condition and accompanied by a copy of the purchase order.

Items returned incomplete, damaged or soiled by the customer will not be accepted.

Professional customers are not covered by article L121-20-1 of the French Consumer Code and cannot cancel their order.

Article 3: Prices

IBL SERVICE prices are quoted ex works, either in Euros excluding tax, or in foreign currency.

They may be revised in the event of a significant and sudden increase in the price of raw materials or exchange rates. The terms and conditions will be defined in the special conditions.

Article 4: Transport and delivery - Insurance

Quel que soit le mode de transport, l’expédition est faite sous la responsabilité expresse de l’Acheteur.

All transport, insurance, customs, handling and delivery operations are at the Buyer's expense, risk and peril. It is the Buyer's responsibility to check shipments on arrival and, if necessary, to take recourse against the carriers. If IBL carries out transport on behalf of the customer, the contract with the carrier chosen by IBL will automatically be concluded with an "INSURANCE" covering the amount of the order. In the event of non-delivery due to the carrier, IBL will activate the insurance and may return a second order at no additional cost to the customer.

In the event of delivery by IBL SERVICE, the Purchaser is required to make any reservations upon delivery. These reservations must be recorded on the delivery note. Any subsequent complaint will not be taken into consideration.

In the event of collection by the customer from IBL SERVICE, the products are deemed to have been inspected at the time of collection. Under no circumstances may a transport credit note be issued in the event of collection by the Purchaser.

Each delivery is accompanied by a delivery note detailing the products delivered. The Buyer must inform IBL SERVICE of any discrepancies without delay.

In the absence of reservations, deliveries by IBL SERVICE shall be deemed to have been made at the time of receipt, correctly and in accordance with the delivery note.

In the event of "breakage" after unpacking, IBL will pay for shipping and replacement of the broken item.

Article 5: Retention of title and payment

5.1. Reservation of title

The transfer of ownership of the item sold is subject to payment by the Buyer of the price on the due date or dates, in accordance with the law of May 12, 1980. However, the risks are transferred upon delivery.

By express agreement, IBL SERVICE's sales contracts are always concluded under the resolutory condition of full payment by the Buyer on the due date(s).

5.2. Resale or use

The goods remain the property of the seller until full payment has been received. By way of mere tolerance, IBL SERVICE hereby authorizes the Buyer to resell or use the designated goods, subject to the Buyer's payment of the full outstanding price as soon as the goods are resold, the corresponding sums being pledged to IBL SERVICE in accordance with Article 2071 of the French Civil Code, and the Buyer becoming the mere custodian of the price.

5.3. Payment - terms and conditions of sale

Payment shall be made in accordance with the terms and conditions specified at the time of ordering. The granting of payment terms is simply a tolerance granted by IBL SERVICE depending on the Purchaser's references. IBL SERVICE reserves the right to withdraw this facility without recourse for the Purchaser and without reduction of the price, in the event of deterioration of these references.

In the case of payment by accepted draft, the Buyer must return the acceptance within eight days of receipt of the invoice or corresponding statement. In the case of cash payment by cheque, the Buyer is obliged to make payment on receipt of the invoice. In such cases, no further deliveries may be made until the draft or cheque has been received by IBL SERVICE.

In the event that payments are not made by the dates agreed between the parties, IBL SERVICE reserves the right to take back the goods delivered and, if it sees fit, to terminate the contract. The Buyer shall bear all costs associated with this repossession operation.

The delivery of a bill of exchange or any other document creating an obligation to pay does not constitute payment within the meaning of this provision.

Irrespective of any previous agreements, any outstanding sums become immediately due and payable if any payment is not made by the due date.

A delay in payment of more than 8 (eight) days in relation to the fixed deadlines, or a suspension of payment in any form whatsoever, will result, whatever the method of payment provided for and without prior formal notice :

- return of the equipment to IBL SERVICE.

- the right to retain any advance payments made, up to a maximum of 50% of the sales price.

- the right for IBL SERVICE to suspend the execution of any other orders that may have been accepted, notwithstanding any damages.

The same delay will entail, after prior formal notice by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt remained unsuccessful within eight days :

- late payment interest at the rate of 1.5 times the current legal interest rate on the amount of the invoice, including VAT   

  Debt, from the contractual payment date until the day of payment. In France, the   

  Interest is charged inclusive of VAT at the current rate.

- a contractual penalty of 12% of the amount due, including VAT, with a minimum of 150 euros, in the case of  

  Where the Buyer's default has forced IBL SERVICE to initiate pre-litigation proceedings.

- the invoicing of costs of any kind incurred by IBL SERVICE or charged to it.

Article 6: Warranties

6.1. Standard and Premium products

Except for special orders, products sold by IBL SERVICE considered as "Standard" are guaranteed parts and labor for 1 year (this guarantee does not cover accessories and wear parts. Wear parts are guaranteed for 6 months for a maximum of 5 hours of semi-intensive use per day. Wear parts (parts in contact with high temperatures of around 180° C) are guaranteed for 6 months. In the event of failure before 6 months, parts are replaced free of charge. For repairs in the workshop, the customer will pay for the outward transport, IBL SERVICE will dismantle the machine and validate or not the replacement of the parts under warranty. IBL SERVICE will pay for the return transport of the machine to the customer's premises if the repair is carried out under warranty.

The warranty begins on the date of delivery of the order. PREMIUM" custom-built products are guaranteed for 2 years (excluding accessories and wear parts, and excluding transport), for a maximum of 7 hours' intensive use per day.

6.2. Specific products

IBL SERVICE products manufactured specifically to customer specifications are guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of delivery. This warranty is valid only for use in accordance with the contractual conditions.

6.3. Terms and conditions of warranty

The warranty is limited to the outright replacement of parts found to be defective by IBL SERVICE's technical department. The outward carriage to the workshop remains the responsibility of the Buyer.

IBL will return the repaired machine at its own expense.

Toute demande de prise en garantie doit être accompagnée de la pièce défectueuse, et indiquer le numéro de la machine ainsi que la date de mise en service.

Except in the case of proven latent defects, wearing parts and accessories are excluded from the warranty. Any abnormal use of the equipment, any modification made to the equipment by an unauthorized person without the agreement of IBL SERVICE, or the use of non-original spare parts, will result in the loss of warranty rights.

In order to be able to invoke the benefit of these provisions, the Purchaser must notify IBL SERVICE, without delay and in writing, of the defects he attributes to the product and provide full proof of their existence. The Purchaser must give IBL SERVICE every opportunity to ascertain and remedy such defects.

6.4 Out-of-warranty service

Interventions and replacements of parts carried out outside the warranty period by IBL SERVICE's after-sales service will be subject to an initial quotation. IBL SERVICE technicians' travel and after-sales service expenses shall be borne by the Purchaser.

 6.5. Spare parts

Apart from hidden defects, IBL SERVICE is only responsible for the conformity of the part to its specifications.

It is up to the Buyer to choose the spare part according to the constraints of his use and the results he expects.

Under no circumstances can the replacement of a part on an assembly extend the warranty period for that assembly.

6.6. Force majeure

IBL SERVICE est libéré de ses obligations contractuelles en cas de force majeure. Sont contractuellement assimilés à la force majeure et constitueront des causes d’extinction ou de suspension des obligations de IBL SERVICE sans recours de l’Acheteur, tous les événements habituellement retenus par la jurisprudence en la matière.

 Article 7: Intellectual or industrial property & reproduction rights

The Client acknowledges IBL SERVICE's industrial and intellectual property rights to any documents that may be provided to the Client in connection with the order.

Drawings, models or any other technical documents issued by IBL SERVICE and provided to the Client are and shall remain the full and complete property of IBL SERVICE. The Client undertakes to respect and to ensure that its employees respect the strictly confidential nature of such documents. They may not, without the prior written consent of IBL SERVICE, be communicated or handed over to any other person, nor may they be used in any way other than in the context of relations with IBL SERVICE, and they shall be returned without delay at the Client's first request.

Any reproduction or representation, even partial, by any process whatsoever, of these documents, photos, videos, documents, texts, graphics, made without the written permission of IBL SERVICE is illegal and constitutes an infringement. IBL SERVICE reserves the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant court after a bailiff's report has been made.

Any use of our trademarks without written authorization from IBL SERVICE is unlawful and constitutes an infringement.

Failure to comply with this obligation may result in immediate termination by IBL SERVICE of all orders in progress at that time, without the need for any formality or procedure whatsoever, and without prejudice to any damages that IBL SERVICE may claim.

Article 8: Liability & insurance

8.1. Technical obligations

For standard catalog products, IBL SERVICE is only responsible for the conformity of its product with the specifications in its technical documents under the standard conditions of use specified.

For standard catalog products, the Purchaser is always responsible for the choice of product (machine or accessory), and for ensuring that the machine or accessory is suitable for the expected result. He/she is responsible for its correct use and assembly in accordance with the rules of the trade and regulations. Under no circumstances does IBL SERVICE have any obligation with regard to the final result.

In the case of specific products which have been specified by the customer (e.g. specifications) and accepted by IBL SERVICE, IBL SERVICE is only responsible for the compliance of its product with the contractual specification documents and for achieving the performance defined in these documents, and under the conditions stipulated (particularly with regard to the environment). Any use outside these conditions constitutes abnormal use of the product.

 8.2. Consulting obligations

IBL SERVICE est à la disposition de ses clients pour leur communiquer tous conseils concernant l’utilisation de ses produits. La demande devra être formulée par email à : contact@iblspecifik.com

IBL SERVICE shall not be held liable if the Purchaser fails to provide IBL SERVICE with complete information enabling IBL SERVICE to assess the Client's needs.

8.3. The reseller Buyer

Except in cases where IBL SERVICE has been in direct contact with the end customer concerning the need to be met, the Buyer-Retailer is always responsible for the advice he gives to his customers and for ensuring that the product purchased is suitable for the constraints of use and the result expected by the end customer, which results and constraints are unknown to IBL SERVICE.
IBL SERVICE  est à la disposition de L’Acheteur revendeur pour l’aider dans cette tâche, dans les limites des informations qui lui seront transmises.

8.4. Insurance

IBL SERVICE est assuré pour tous les risques habituels de son activité et au niveau usuel de la profession. Elle tient à la disposition de sa clientèle les attestations en cours de validité.

Article 9: Special conditions

These general terms and conditions of sale do not exclude the application of special terms and conditions of sale.

Article 10: Jurisdiction & language

IBL SERVICE's sales and related agreements are governed by French law. The Purchaser's orders are placed under the express condition that, in the event of disputes relating to supplies and their payment, the Commercial Court of the seller's registered office shall have sole jurisdiction, to the exclusion of any other jurisdiction designated by the Purchaser, even in the event of multiple defendants.
All documents must be written in French. In the event of differences of interpretation between a text in French and a text in a foreign language, the French text will prevail.