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What is the NF T 72-281 standard and which germs are tested?

  • Written by Stephan Imbach
ibl specifik H1N1 disinfection standard - Photo of the virus and logo Ibl Specifik

This is a French disinfection standard that determines the bactericidal, fungicidal and sporicidal activity for the disinfection of surfaces by air. The test is carried out in an independent laboratory, which must be COFRAC accredited.

Disinfection standard NF T 72-281

It consists of positioning the machine (the diffuser) in the middle of a sealed room and then placing strains behind the machine in different places to check that the disinfectant product propelled reaches all surfaces in contact with the air in the room. No flow rate is required by the standard, IBL Specifik obtained results above the requirements of the standard with a flow rate of about 8ml/m3. At the end of the diffusion time, for the couple AIRBIO/APABIO, a contact time of 2 hours is required to obtain results similar to those obtained when passing the standard.

The germs tested are the following:

  • Bactericidal activity : Pseudomonas aeruginosa (CIP 103-467), Staphylococcus aureus (CIP 4.83), Enterococcus hirae (CIP 5855), Escherichia coli (CIP 54127)
  • Sporicidal activity: Bacillus subtilis spores (CIP 52 62)
  • Fungicidal activity: Candida albicans (IP 4872), Aspergillus niger (IP 1431-83)
  • Yeast activity : Candida albicans (IP4872).
    Our results.

For more information on this standard, you can consult the site of theAFNOR.

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