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Industrial Steam Cleaning

Advantages of industrial steam cleaning:

The industrial steam cleaning under pressure and at very high temperatures has proven to be effective on the dirtiest of surfaces. That's why we IBL Specifik recommends industrial steam cleaning of machines and equipment in the industry. The combined action of heat (between 165°C and 185°C) and pressure (between 6 and 10 bars) allows dissolve fats and to have a biocide activity on industrial machines. The dry steam technology is a relatively dry jet (about 5% water) projected under pressure on the surface to be cleaned, at a very high temperature.

The cleaning in industry is often a very complex operation. Industrial steam cleaning must be done in a way that does not damage surfaces or componentsIn addition, most areas are very difficult to access.

Industrial steam cleaning of machines condition of a machine after steam cleaning

A dry steam generator cleans industrial machinery of oil, grease, lubricants and other stubborn dirt. It can also be used to treat hazardous or fragile surfaces such as control panels or electrical panels. The dry steam generator must have the technical characteristics required for the sector of activity and the intensity of its use.

IBL Specifik recommended for industrial steam cleaning of industrial machines, the powerful industrial steam generator STEAMBIO 19000 10 bar and 185°C. 

it has been designed for powerful steam cleaning in the industrial sector.

The presence ofaccessories adapted to surfaces (glass, stainless steel, plastic) or types of dirt (grease, oil, etc.) allows for optimal industrial steam cleaning.

Our recommended industrial steam cleaners:

Industrial Steam Cleaner | Steambio 19000 industrial steam cleaning and degreasing
  • Intensive cleaning of machines
  • Stripping industrial of surfaces
  • Cleaning ecological
  • Cleaning steam without water
  • Degreasing industrial machine tool
  • Cleaning steam effluent-free
  • Washing press tools
  • Phosphating engineering industry
STEAMBIO 10000/19000

Industrial Steam Cleaning

12 bars - 185°C - Stainless steel structure - Epoxy metal Detergent
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