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  • Written by Stephan Imbach
IBL Specifik DSVA - Désinfection des Surfaces par Voie Aérienne idéal pour les locaux

The diceFOGGER Disinfection of surfaces (DSVA) DISINFECTION OF SURFACES BY MIST OF A DISINFECTANT TRANSPORTED BY AIR is a method of disinfection of the surfaces of a premise. It consists of propelling a disinfectant product into the atmosphere through a diffuser.

Avantages de la DSVA

The interest of the DSVA Is the absence of human intervention, so it can be carried out at night in order to avoid immobilizing a laboratory, a food processing plant, a train or even a classroom that must be operational during the day.
In addition, this method is used to disinfect all surfaces in contact with the air. Indeed, the DSVA, disinfection by air, is carried out in a watertight room and the product will spread throughout the volume until saturating the room with a dry fog.

How to ensure the efficiency of the process?

A standard, NF T 72-281, Airborne Disinfection fogger (DSVA) DISINFECTION OF SURFACES BY MIST OF A DISINFECTANT TRANSPORTED BY AIRThis allows to certify the efficiency of the diffuser/product couple. The standard is used to determine bactericidal, yeasticidal, fungicidal and sporicidal activity.
Attention, a diffuser/product couple may have obtained satisfactory results for the bactericidal activity but not necessarily for the two remaining activities, fungicide and Sporicidal.

This French standard of Airborne Disinfection fogger Must be issued by a COFRAC accredited laboratory (French Accreditation Committee). This is the test room of the COFRAC accredited MRI laboratory for the NF T 72-281 standard obtained by IBL Specifik with his couple AIRBIO disinfection fogger/APABIO For all activities (bactericidal, fungicide and Sporicidal).


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Quels matériels utiliser pour la DSVA ?