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Can steam disinfect?

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  • Written by Stephan Imbach
IBLSPECIFIK Can steam disinfect?

Steam disinfection requires water heated to over 120°, high pressure and regular cleaning. IBL Specifik designs and markets high-performance steam cleaning equipment and we explain here why steam cleaning is ideal in many industries.

Why does the steam disinfect?

Above its boiling temperature, water turns into steam causing the breakage of the physico-chemical bonds that hold the dirt and grease stuck to the surfaces to be cleaned. Above 120°C, combining pressure with steam will create a disinfectant effect.

So yes, steam acts as a disinfectant, thanks to a high temperature (up to 180°C) and a high pressure (8 bar) with our IBL Specifik material, kills harmful micro-organisms. 

Steam cleaning is quick and easy

Not only can steam disinfect, but thanks to our steam cleaning equipment, disinfection becomes quick and easy. The simple sweeping of the surface makes it possible to treat even the dirtiest areas. In one stroke of the steam jet you can clean and disinfect your air conditioning.

Steam disinfects and saves money

Steam disinfection avoids the use of disinfectants and considerably reduces your water and energy consumption. Our steam cleaner Steambio 10000 SP The high heat generated under high pressure, for example, allows dirt to be removed and germs to be destroyed in a single jet. Steam cleaning therefore allows you to disinfect while saving money. 

Respect the environment with steam

Steam disinfection is an environmentally friendly solution because, unlike conventional chemicals, this process is non-toxic and would avoid the use of detergents or disinfectants by using the naturally degreasing quality of hot water, the mechanical effect of the steam ejection pressure and the disinfecting effect of heat (Meunier, 2009).

Steam disinfects in all areas

Our steam cleaning and disinfection equipment is suitable for all sectors of activity. Whether you are in hospitals, industry, food processing, education or even transport such as aviation or public transport, steam disinfection with our products is recommended.

Steam disinfection must be regular

The persistence of a disinfectant is the length of time that the product will continue to be active. It can last up to several days depending on the products used. This concept is very important in disinfection, it prevents the environment from being conducive to the proliferation of harmful microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi ...). However, if the steam cleaning operation is regular, we can say that steam disinfects surfaces.

Finally, steam alone needs to be passed over all surfaces very regularly, otherwise the lack of persistence encourages the development of harmful micro-organisms. Whereas with steam combined with a disinfectant product, the distance does not matter, 

Yes the steam disinfects

That is why you can use steam to clean and disinfect surfaces from floor to ceiling. Discover our professional equipment the VAPBIO the steam cleaner with suction for a complete cleaning of all types of floors, multi-purpose and multi-sector. Our equipment is light, easy to use and efficient and has an unlimited autonomy. Thanks to an important steam flow, a reduced heating time and a high pressure, they will perfectly suit your cleaning and disinfection applications.

Our professional steam disinfection equipment

 IBL Specifik offers steam cleaners adapted to your needs for purchase or rental. We design and manufacture a range of cleaning devices, from Professional and Industrial Steam Cleaners to disinfection devices for professionals and industrials. We only work with European suppliers. All our components have been selected, tested and validated by our engineers, in order to guarantee a very high quality of manufacture and 100% Made In France appliances.