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Our Professional and Industrial Steam Cleaners are designed to be easily maintained and to last over time, giving you complete satisfaction.

Our range of organic materials and products allows you to clean and disinfect all the surfaces of your premises in accordance with the standards in force.

IBL Specifik

Who we are

IBL is an innovative company, created in 1993, which designs, manufactures and markets under its own brand, IBL SPECIFIKWe offer a full range of approved cleaning and disinfecting equipment: Professional Steam Cleaners, Industrial Saturated Dry Steam Cleaners, Robot Conveyor Carpet Cleaners, Foamer and Disinfectant Misters (in compliance with NFT72-281 standards).

Our aim is to reduce your consumption of water and chemicals, and consequently your effluents. Contact us for a cleaning and disinfection equipment quote or to purchase disinfection products.

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French Designer and Manufacturer since 1993

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We design and manufacture steam cleaning and disinfection equipment, a range of 100% organic disinfection products and appliances. Professional and industrial steam cleaners, disinfectant misters for professional and industrial use. We work exclusively with European suppliers. All our components have been selected, tested and validated by our engineers, to guarantee the highest manufacturing quality and 100% Made In France equipment. Contact us for a cleaning equipment quotation.

Research & Development - Quality customer service

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We invest heavily in innovation, research and development: IBL's technologies are patented worldwide and our automatic aerial disinfection devices have been awarded the standard NF T 72-281 from IRM, an accredited laboratory "COFRAC" //

An approach that is increasingly respectful of people and their environment

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We are committed to providing you with reliable equipment, available technical support and factory-only after-sales service. This guarantees quality maintenance, repair and warranty. We have a large stock of spare parts. Our machines are designed to be easily dismantled and repaired, thereby reducing the cost and downtime of a machine in the event of a breakdown. Our aim is to provide you with innovative technological solutions that consume less chemicals, water and energy. Our technologies take into account the needs of the operator (ergonomics, ease of use and implementation).

We use only environmentally-friendly, biodegradable disinfectants.

We provide and guarantee a high quality manufacturer's after-sales service.

Cleaning and disinfection equipment adapted to all sectors of activity

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We are well aware of the importance of cleanliness in sectors such as hospitals and other medical environments (e.g. veterinary medicine), the mechanical engineering industry, the food processing industry, transport, early childhood... Our range of products includes cleaning and disinfection equipment tailored to your needs. We are also at your service to advise you on the choice of equipment best suited to your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us for a cleaning equipment quotation.

All Products and machines for cleaning and disinfection

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AQUABIO mist disinfectant

Aquabio is a very broad-spectrum disinfectant fogger (virucide), fully biodegradable, in...

APABIO Bio ecological disinfectant

Stable product for 3 years: the secret of the range lies in stabilization by...

CLIM 3000 : Special Climate Steam Cleaner

Our machine, CLIM 3000 , is a Professional Steam Cleaner specially designed for splits from...

STEAMBIO MAX Food industry cleaner

The STEAMBIO 10000 L is a powerful industrial steam cleaner for intensive use in...

SPS - Split Protection System

The SPS is a waterproof, funnel-shaped tarpaulin system for installation on...

STEAMBIO 10000 L Food industry steam cleaner

Industrial steam cleaner The STEAMBIO 10000 L is a powerful industrial steam cleaner for the...

AIRBIO: Automatic Disinfection Machine

Simple, fast and highly effective! The AIRBIO fogger or aero-fogger enables you to...

HYDROBIO: A "CONCEPT" of high-performance, ultra-low-water consumption steam cleaners

Water-saving cleaning Hydrobio is a water-saving cleaning module...

Steamatik - Steam cleaning of smooth conveyor belts

STEAMATIK is an innovative steam cleaning system for industrial conveyor belts. It cleans and...

HYDROSTEAM: Industrial steam and high-pressure cleaners

HYDROSTEAM is a powerful three-phase industrial steam cleaner with adjustable pressure and temperature, for...

VAPBIO 3000 : Semi-industrial steam cleaner

The VAPBIO 3000 delivers dry steam at 8 bar and high temperature (175°C), enabling you to...

Clean D+ : The Hyper industrial degreaser

"THE" professional ecological ultra degreaser par excellence, super-stripper and food-safe degreaser, with a...

STEAMBIO 10000 SP: Industrial Steam Degreasing Machine

The Industrial Steam Cleaner and Degreaser is a machine designed for cleaning and degreasing...

3D BIO : Ecological foaming product

3D BIO is a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal foaming product with excellent degreasing properties on...

Steamatik: Automated cleaning of mesh conveyor belts

STEAMATIK is an innovative Robotic steam cleaning system for industrial conveyor belts. It enables...