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What is disinfection - definition

Disinfection is an operation to eliminate or kill microorganisms and/or inactivate undesirable viruses.

5 different activities are grouped under the term disinfection:

  • Bactericide : Product that kills bacteria
  • Levuricide Yeast-killing product
  • Fungicide : Product that kills fungi (spores and moulds)
  • Sporicide : Product that kills bacterial spores.
  • Virucide Product that kills viruses

Thus one disinfectant may be only bactericidal, while another may be bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal.


Why is it necessary to disinfect regularly?

The result of the disinfection operation is limited to the micro-organisms present at the time of the operation.

disinfection does not prevent subsequent re-contamination, so it must be renewed regularly.
Disinfection is an operation with a temporary result.

What is the purpose of Disinfection?

It makes it possible to eliminate or kill micro-organisms and/or inactivate viruses carried on contaminated inert media according to the objectives set.
Therefore, the result of this operation is limited to the organisations present at the time of the operation.
We only really disinfect what is clean.
Regular disinfection lowers the microbial density below a risk threshold.

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What's the difference between: decontamination, disinfection and sterilization?

What is disinfection? Definition:

Decontamination Microbial removal: An operation designed to eliminate or reduce the number of microbes on living tissue and inert objects to levels considered safe.
Disinfection : Operation with a momentary result that eliminates or kills micro-organisms and inactivates undesirable viruses.
Sterilization Sterilization: Sterilization is an operation that completely eliminates or kills all microorganisms.

The disinfection process in diagram :

process operation decontamination decontamination disinfection sterilisation

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