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Nettoyeur vapeur industrie Agroalimentaire

Steam cleaners for the food industryProduction industries, packaging plants, food storage... the Food Steam Cleaner is the most recommended solution for problems related to cleaning and disinfection of the premises to combat various sources of contamination. A disinfection and cleaning operation with a steam cleaner suitable for the food industry aims to eliminate dirt (waste from treated products or dirt brought by tools or machines used in the industrial process) as well as the contaminations and infections of microbiological and chemical origin.

The characteristics of the steam allow the steam cleaner for the food industry to fulfil its mission with maximum efficiency. and guarantee degreasing and decontamination of all surfaces. Food industry steam cleaning uses steam under pressure and at very high temperatures. The combined action of its characteristics have a detersive and biocidal effect on the surfaces.. The steam cleaner therefore allows a cleaning operation without chemicals and reduces water consumption.

Thus, the industrial steam cleaner makes it possible to make production efficiencies while ensuring a perfect respect for the environment.

Contamination control

The biocidal effect of the steam cleaner makes it possible to fight effectively against most contaminations in the food industry. The food industry steam cleaner is used for the decontamination and pre-disinfection of industrial equipment in the food industry. and treat them against the major bacteria:

  • Salmonella
  • Staphylococcus
  • Clostridium perfringens
  • Escherichia coli

90% of contaminations that occur in the food industry (LPN) s take place during food processing and packaging. To reduce the number of contaminations, a regular cleaning and disinfection plan is necessary. These methods of industrial steam cleanerIf properly followed, they will eliminate bacteria, viruses, yeasts, spores and fungi.

Recommended steam cleaners for the food industry

IBL Specifik has designed steam cleaners for the food industry perfectly adapted to the needs of the food industry.

HYDROBIO- Very low water consumption cleaning Industrial Steam Cleaner | Steambio 19000


Special Cleaner for Food Industry


Industrial Food Steam Cleaner

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