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Equipment for professionals in the hotel sector


Make a Deep cleaning to clean up the environment is one of the current problems of the Hotel sector. Problems mites, moulds, bed bugs ? Thanks to a regular steam cleaning, these pests disappear. Many hotels have already adopted the steam method. It also makes it possible to Degrease The Kitchens, clean the common areas, but also cleaning hotel rooms (beds, bathroom, armchairs, carpets...). IBL Specifik designs, manufactures and markets Professional Steam Cleaners To meet the problems of the hotel sector.

Carpet cleaning in the hotel sector

The characteristics of the steam can be clean the vast majority of surfaces in a room, kitchen or hotel community. The combined action of the pressure and heat of the steam allows an effect Detergent and biocides On all types of surfaces: Textiles, tiles, stainless steel, glass, electric parts... This allows the operator to treat all surfaces at once: Beds, armchairs, carpets, windows, showers, faucets, kitchens... They also make it possible to achieve several objectives: cleaning, disinfecting and removing ticks, mites or bed bugs.

Equipment recommended by IBL Specifik for the hotel industry


Example of applications Cleaning and disinfection of Air conditioning

  • Carpet cleaning by steam cleaning
  • Steam cleaning of floors and baseboards
  • Removal of unpleasant odours from velour carpets, upholstery and seats by removing bacteria
  • Bathroom cleaning, mould removal
  • Removal of dust mites, bed bugs and other allergens by steam cleaning
  • Cleaning of elevators, ventilation ducts, windows, mirrors, floors
  • Cleaning and disinfection of food processing areas, kitchens, hoods....
  • Cleaning of windows by steam with suction system.

Dry steam is very useful for cleaning and disinfecting the seats without wetting.