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Steam Cleaning for Restaurant and Kitchen

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In the catering sector, clean and hygienic premises are mandatory to ensure the consumption of healthy and safe food. To ensure a regulatory food hygienes, effective cleaning equipment and protocol must be used that is appropriate for the fight against the proliferation of micro-organisms and pathogens in general.

Steam cleaners IBL make their powerful technology available to operators and staff in this sector.

Thus, we offer you the most efficient way in terms of Quality to disinfecting central professional and industrial kitchens. Dry saturated steam is versatile for disinfecting premises and equipment. It is ideal for cleaning worktops, hoods, ovens, burners, steel and chrome surfaces in general. The action of heat and vapour pressure has a detergent and bactericidal activity on surfaces, which is ideal for the degreasing and disinfection necessary to sanitize central kitchens. All surfaces will be perfectly clean and disinfected.

Depending on the disinfection problem you need, IBL also recommends the Foam Cannon Dry which allows to spray a degreasing and disinfecting foam on all vertical and horizontal surfaces of the kitchens.

The technology of a steam cleaner makes it possible to drastically reduce water consumption (up to 96%) and reduce the use of chemicals for a more ecological cleaning.

  • Surfaces disinfection
  • Machines and workbenches
  • Degreasing on steel, Teflon, hoods, ovens...
  • Surface polishing of plates
  • Cleaning and degreasing of refrigerators, motors, electrical parts...
  • Elimination of bad smells, germs and parasites