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Guarantee healthy and hygienic catering

The contract catering sector, including schools, colleges, lycées and company canteens, demands exceptional standards of hygiene to ensure the health and well-being of its guests. As a specialist supplier of cleaning and disinfection equipment, we understand the crucial importance of cleaning and disinfection in the foodservice sector. Whether you're a cleaning professional or a catering manager, you'll find the ideal products and equipment to ensure cleanliness for your customers and your restaurant or canteen.

The Benefits of Cleaning and Disinfection in Foodservices

Cleaning and disinfection in foodservice offer a multitude of benefits that go beyond simple cleanliness. These practices are essential for public health, food safety and the preservation of the establishment's reputation.

1. Prévention des Risques Sanitaires

Regular cleaning of surfaces, equipment and food preparation areas prevents the spread of bacteria and pathogens, reducing the risk of foodborne illness. This helps maintain a healthy environment for guests and staff alike.

2. Guaranteeing food safety

Rigorous cleaning and disinfection are cornerstones of food safety. Eliminating food residues, contaminants and bacteria ensures that the meals served are safe to eat, preserving the health of guests and the reputation of the establishment.

3. Maintaining regulatory standards

The foodservice sector is subject to strict hygiene and food safety standards. A rigorous cleaning and disinfection program is essential to ensure compliance with local and national regulations.

4. Creating a welcoming environment

A clean, well-maintained space creates a positive atmosphere for guests. The perception of cleanliness has a positive influence on the dining experience, encouraging customer loyalty and recommendation of the establishment.

Les 5 Étapes Nécessaires au Nettoyage et à la Désinfection en Restauration Collective

1. Planification: Draw up a detailed cleaning and disinfection plan, identifying key areas and equipment to be treated. A well-organized program guarantees complete coverage.

2. Staff training: Train staff in best cleaning and disinfection practices. Knowledge of products, techniques and schedules is crucial to maintaining high standards of hygiene.

3. Surface and equipment cleaning: Use cleaning products adapted to surfaces and equipment. From preparation surfaces to storage areas, every space needs to be cleaned regularly to remove contaminants.

4. Disinfection: La désinfection doit suivre le nettoyage pour éliminer les bactéries et les germes. Utilisez des désinfectants certifiés pour assurer une efficacité maximale.

5. Waste management: Properly dispose of food waste and cleaning materials. Proper waste management helps avoid health and environmental problems.

Safety and Compliance Standards

When it comes to catering, compliance with safety standards is paramount. Our cleaning and disinfection equipment is carefully selected to meet and often exceed current regulations. By investing in our equipment, you guarantee your establishment's compliance, ensuring the safety of your staff and your restaurant customers. IBL's technologies are patented worldwide, and our automatic airborne disinfection equipment has been awarded the standard NF T 72-281 from IRM, an accredited laboratory "COFRAC" //www.cofrac.fr/.

Operational efficiency and savings

Using quality cleaning and disinfection equipment can also improve operational efficiency. From automated machines to concentrated solutions, our equipment is designed to maximize results while minimizing costs. Increased operational efficiency often translates into long-term savings, freeing up resources for other essential needs within the facility.

By investing in our range of cleaning and disinfecting equipment, you are investing in the health and safety of your cellar. Contact us to find out how our equipment can optimize hygiene in your establishment or for your foodservice customers.

Our 3 products for Foodservice Disinfection

ibl specifik product apabio Ecological disinfectant hydrogen peroxide

APABIO Bio ecological disinfectant

Stable for 3 years: the secret of the range lies in a physical stabilization process, the fruit of many years of scientific research, requiring no added stabilizing agents (e.g. heavy metals, silver ions...). Powerful 100% ECOLOGICAL organic disinfectant, based on hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid.

IBL Specifik Clean D+ ecological degreasing product

Clean D+ : The Hyper industrial degreaser

"THE professional ecological ultra-degreaser par excellence, super-stripper and food-grade degreaser, with extreme degreasing power on animal and vegetable fats, both cooked and re-cooked, as well as all kinds of dirt. 99.99% BIODEGRADABLE ecological stripper and degreaser is a multi-surface and extremely economical product. 

IBL Specifik 3D BIO  : Ecological foaming product

3D BIO : Ecological foaming product

3D BIO is a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal foaming product with excellent degreasing power on animal and vegetable fats and various soils. These properties make 3D BIO a multi-purpose, multi-surface, highly economical product that lets you clean and disinfect in a single operation. 

An approach that is increasingly respectful of people and their environment

Nous avons la volonté de vous fournir du Matériel de Nettoyage et des produits de désinfection en restauration collective fiables mais également un service technique disponible et un Service Après Vente uniquement d’usine.  Cela vous garantira une qualité d’entretien, de réparation et de Garantie. Nous possédons un grand stock de pièces détachées. Nos machines sont conçues pour être facilement démontables et réparables et par conséquent, de réduire le coût et le temps d’immobilisation d’un appareil en cas de panne.  Notre but est de vous apporter des solutions technologiques innovantes moins consommatrices de chimie, d’eau et d’énergie. Nos technologies prennent en compte l’Opérateur et ses exigences : (ergonomie, simplicité d’utilisation et de mise en œuvre).

We use only environmentally-friendly, biodegradable disinfectants.

We provide and guarantee a high quality manufacturer's after-sales service. Do you have any questions about our wine tank cleaning equipment?

Nos 3 machines de nettoyage

IBL Specifik - JETBIO Airborne surface disinfection device - New in 2020

JETBIO 2020: Surface disinfection unit

The combination of JETBIO and APABIO makes it possible to disinfect and destroy COVID19 on the surfaces of a room without human intervention. Fully automatic, all you have to do is position it in the room, set the timer and switch it on! JETBIO can handle volumes of up to 10m3.

minibio s1 disinfection sprayer

MINIBIO S1: Aerial disinfection of small volumes

Aerial surface disinfection is fast, easy and highly effective! The MINIBIO S1 fogger enables you to carry out airborne surface disinfection in rooms of up to 30m3. Dry mist disinfection is an airborne surface disinfection technique (DSVA).

photo of AIRBIO - Airborne disinfection device

AIRBIO : Appareil Automatique de Désinfection

Simple, rapide et très efficace ! Le brumisateur ou aéronébulisateur AIRBIO vous permet d’effectuer une désinfection automatique des volumes par voie aérienne allant jusqu’à 300m3 ! La machine AIRBIO est un brumisateur de désinfection qui propulse dans l’atmosphère le désinfectant écologique aux qualités exceptionnelles :

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