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Cleaning and disinfecting equipment of white room

ibl specifik medical sector clean room

Whether in the Pharmaceutical, cosmetic or research laboratories the issues are the same: finding new innovative solutions in Cleaning and Disinfection Equipment for Cleaning Rooms. Automated aerial disinfection allows them to comply with Mandatory disinfection standards, to save time and reduce budgets in a significant way. Operations can take place at night in order not to immobilize a laboratory.

Disinfectant Pharmaceutical Laboratory

The disinfection of laboratories occupies a very important place in their activity. Whether in the Research laboratories, testing, clean rooms or even manufacturing plants, cleaning and disinfection are essential operations and guarantee of impeccable quality. It is no coincidence that the largest pharmaceutical companies have already contacted us to find new technical solutions. They are primarily looking for Integrated systems, complying with the standards in force, very reliable and easy to use.

Cosmetic laboratory Disinfectant

Cosmetics laboratories are also looking to optimize these cleaning and disinfection operations, which are far from being neglected both financially and in terms of quality. Indeed, new cleaning and disinfection policies can significantly improve the profitability of a laboratory: less downtime, the possibility of disinfecting at night, more efficient results and therefore less regular disinfection... Our machines thus make it possible to disinfect laboratories by misting, Complying with the standard NF T 72-281 In force.

IBL Specifik Solution for Cleanroom Cleaning and Disinfection Equipment
Disinfection of surfaces by air

The diceairborne infection (DSVA) is a method of terminal disinfection of room surfaces. It consists of propelling a disinfectant product into the atmosphere through a diffuser. The interest of the DSVA Is the absence of human intervention, so it can be carried out at night in order to avoid immobilizing a laboratory, a food processing plant, a train or even a classroom that must be operational during the day. In addition, this method makes it possible to Disinfect all surfaces in contact with the air. Indeed, the DSVA, disinfection by air, is carried out in a watertight room and the product will spread throughout the volume until saturating the room with a dry fog.

Materials recommended by IBL Specifik

Examples of cleaning and disinfection in laboratories

  • Cleaning and disinfecting laboratory equipment
  • Air disinfection of laboratory, soil and work surfaces
  • Disinfection of microbiological safety stations
  • Insurance of a wide spectrum of activity (Bactericide, Fungicide, Virucide, Sporicide, Levuricide)

Examples of laboratory areas

  • Pharmaceutical Labs
  • Research Labs
  • Cosmetic Laboratory
  • Hospital Laboratories
  • Medical Analysis Laboratories