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Foam spraying units

Discover our range of foam cannons Autonomous. NETBIO 200 and NETBIO 600 are foam spraying units, also called foam cannons for cleaning, degreasing or disinfecting.

They are ideally suited to the food industry, public authorities, restaurants and public spaces.

What is a Stand-Alone Foam Cannon or Foam Sprayer?

It is a device that contains in its structure, 1 high pressure pump + 1 air compressor + 1 automatic dosage device.

We offer this material completely AUTONOMOUS This means that it is only necessary to connect it to the water supply and then to a 230 volt socket for the appliance to be used immediately.

How does a stand-alone foam gun work?

The high-pressure water pump supplies water to the dosing system and the integrated air compressor injects air under high pressure to foam the product. The foam formed will be propelled onto the surfaces you desire. This foam will be white, creamy and sticky and will adhere to the walls for several minutes. The degreasing or disinfecting product will then have time to act on the surfaces.

It also has a rinsing function (a simple knob is turned from the "foam" position to the "rinse" position), this rinsing water will be under high pressure (30 bars) and at a low flow rate (10l/minute) and will allow you to rinse the surfaces from top to bottom

What are the advantages of a stand-alone foam gun?

The main advantage is that there is only one device, unlike systems with a separate tank, a separate air compressor and manual dosing of the product.

The self-contained foam gun is more practical to transport and quicker to use. It saves time and productivity. A single operator can carry out this cleaning operation.

French manufacture, a guarantee of quality!

We only collaborate with European suppliers to design and manufacture all these devices. All our components have been selected, tested and validated by our engineers, in order to guarantee a very high quality of manufacture and 100% Made In France devices. Contact us for a quote.   

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