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Videos of our dry steam cleaning equipment

Steam cleaning video

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IBL SPECIFIK is an innovative company, which designs, manufactures and markets under its brand : IBL SPECIFIK brand, machines for cleaning, degreasing, decontamination and terminal disinfection operations.

Our three main ranges of equipment are: Industrial Saturated Dry Steam Generators, Foam Guns, Professional Steam Cleaners, Airborne Disinfection Machines, Automatic Cleaning and Disinfection Machines.

Our aim is to offer machine concepts with low water consumption, and therefore environmentally friendly.

New: IBL has created a professional steam cleaner especially for air conditioning: the CLIM 3000. This device has been designed and manufactured in collaboration with professionals in the air-conditioning sector, to provide an effective, environmentally-friendly solution for the maintenance of air-cooling systems, without harming metals and electrical parts.

How can I protect myself with spray disinfection?

IBL SPECIFIK presents its automatic disinfection misting system: JETBIO 2020 . Easy to set up, it will disinfect your rooms automatically and very quickly. Thanks to its powerful turbine, it nebulizes the disinfectant in very fine droplets, without wetting surfaces. Its power enables it to disinfect up to 2000 m3. The aim of airborne disinfection is to prevent the proliferation of microorganisms such as Covid 19 . We recommend our "BIO" disinfection products: APABIO or AQUABIO, which pose no risk to humans or animals.

Video steam cleaning of an AHU battery

Here's an environmentally-friendly technique for high-pressure steam cleaning of heat exchangers, evaporators and air-conditioning coils (AHUs). Filters and coils can be cleaned more easily using high-pressure, high-temperature steam, with no risk of damaging fibers or non-ferrous metals. Our STEAMBIO 10000 SP CLIM is an industrial steam cleaner specifically designed for cleaning industrial air-conditioning systems.

Split turbine steam cleaning video

Video demonstrating the effectiveness of air-conditioning steam cleaning, particularly when cleaning the ventilation turbine, which is often very dirty.

Notre CLIM 3000 assure un nettoyage et une décontamination parfaite de vos Splits de climatisation.


Video Steam cleaning of an automotive engine

Automotive engine cleaning: this is an area that is often dirty, and we know that modern engines are complex and fear washing with water because of their many electronic units. The advantage of high-pressure steam is that steam heated to 185° becomes a dry gas, so there's no water splash. Steam dissolves dirt and ejects it thanks to its high jet speed. The steam jet flushes out dirt and condensation water, much like an air compressor. 

Steam degreasing in the mechanical industry

Les actions cumulées de la chaleur (185°C) et de la pression (10 bars) permet de dissoudre les graisses et salissures diverses. Le nettoyage des zones très difficiles d’accès sont facilement atteintes avec le jet de vapeur.

Le nettoyeur haute pression STEAMBIO 10000 SP cleans machines and industrial installations, removing stubborn traces of oil, grease, lubricants and other stubborn soiling.

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IBL designs ecological solutions that respect people and their environment.

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We design and manufacture steam cleaning and disinfection equipment, a range of 100% organic disinfection products and appliances. Professional and industrial steam cleaners, disinfection misters for professional and industrial use. We work exclusively with European suppliers. All our components have been selected, tested and validated by our engineers, to guarantee the highest manufacturing quality and 100% Made In France appliances.